Sanitary Bins Services in Nairobi

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The safe disposal of feminine hygiene waste is essential to ensure your business complies with the Environmental Management & Coordination Authority Act of 2012 of The National Environmental Management Authority, (NEMA).The sanitary waste law as per National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) requires that all businesses must provide a suitable means for disposing of sanitary products in each ladies washroom. The term ‘sanitary waste disposal’ primarily refers to the disposal of feminine hygiene products, used to absorb menstrual flow.

The “duty of care” principle means that employees should not be responsible for the management of sanitary waste. Dirt Delve cleaning company provides the service, including collection, sanitization and restocking of sanitary bags.

Bins can be emptied anywhere from bi-weekly to monthly, depending on the requirements of your business (e.g. usage and bin volume). A lot of people are unaware of this, but as a business owner, you are legally required to adhere to a range of sanitary waste disposal regulations. As well as being a rights issue, the failure to provide sanitary bins risks significant environmental damage, as well as damage to public and private drainage and sewer systems. Failure to educate yourselves about these laws and to apply them correctly risks incurring significant penalties. All sanitary waste must be handled by a licensed carrier.

We provide a range of Sanitary Bins, both standard and Bio available in a wide range of finishes. Our well trained and experienced technicians0020perform regular visits to maintain the bins which ensures that maximum hygiene is maintained within your washrooms.